Audience engagement is at the base of every marketing effort. However, the path to building that precious audience engagement is long and not always so clear. Hence, the more ideas you have to achieve that, the merrier, and interactive videos are a great mechanism to do it. 

The case for interactive videos

The very first step for audience engagement is brand awareness. Without the latter, there is no way to have the former. And, for brand awareness to be possible, you need to create content.

Content creation has a myriad of formats: About us, blog articles, landing pages, social media posts, and videos, to name a few. As you start creating more content for your audience, it will begin to gain awareness of your brand and products or services. On a side, because it will have more resources to check, but it will also help you build your SEO, which will improve your ranking on the search engines. 

Videos contribute to SEO ranking through the texts you include in their descriptions. Still, they have the additional value of catching attention much more intensely than the written word because they stimulate two of our senses: sight and hearing. This means that while videos’ description helps your SEO, the video itself is a potent tool to engage with your audience.

The extra layer of engagement provided by the interactive feature of interactive videos –sorry for the repetition– comes from giving the audience a user-driven experience that works as a two-way channel with your brand. 

This text is giving you information and, if you decide to leave a comment below, I may be able to reply to it, but the answer is not going to be immediate. Interactive videos are designed to react instantaneously to the users’ actions.  

In the measure that your audience can feel close to the brand and see the benefits in that relationship, it will return more often to your marketing channels. 

Let your brand’s voice shine 

Precisely because of the engagement capabilities of interactive videos, they are a great channel to express your brand’s voice and let your audience get to know it. Once your audience is familiar with your brand’s voice and tone, it will recognize it in whatever marketing channels you are using. This, in turn, will make your audience feel your messages are clear and consistent and that your brand is trustworthy. 

Building audience engagement is sure to increase your lead generation, another crucial aspect of marketing for which interactive videos are an extraordinary tool. But that is a topic for another post. 

Would you like to learn more about interactive videos? Leave us a comment below or reach out to one of our specialists. 

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