Since the boom of social media, in the past two decades, content creators and marketing directors have been trying to improve their marketing and advertising efforts with new techniques and strategies that make their business stand out from the competition in this digital world. One of these techniques is interactive videos.

Videos have always worked as a great tool for companies to engage with their audience and communicate their mission effectively; however, interactive videos are becoming the next big thing due to their engaging functionalities.

So, what are interactive videos, exactly?

Interactive videos are personalized user-driven experiences designed to build a two-way communication channel with your audience through clicks, touches, or taps, where you receive measurable data and insights in real-time.

Interactive videos: where versatility and real-time data meet

Interactive videos are versatile, have multiple benefits for your marketing campaigns, and can support the efforts of basically any area of your company. From people management to healthcare services, you can create an interactive video that will:

  • Generate data in real-time
  • Produce insights into consumer behavior.
  • Encourage user participation.
  • Increase engagement, learning, and retention up to three times more than traditional videos.

According to Kaltura, a New York-based software company, 64 percent of consumers are more likely to spend more time with video content if they can interact with it.

This is the reason why interactive videos are the missing piece of the puzzle that marketing directors are looking for to create an eye-catching digital marketing strategy designed to improve communications and business strategies. Due to the high demand for personalized customer experiences, interactive videos are an extraordinary tool to connect with your audience in a more immersive, meaningful, and human way.

To implement a successful digital interactive video campaign, consult Video2Market. In this specialized interactive video platform, businesses can bring their linear videos and transform them into an interactive experience with buttons, clicks, or any other interactive functionalities. From the creative process to data capture; Video2Market’s production experts will give life to your product or service through personalized interactions and customized digital human experiences.

With Video2Market, your campaign is sure to stand out.

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