6 Min. ReadingPutting together an eye-catching interactive video that captures your audience’s attention is only half of the work. I agree it is a very complex half, considering you only have an average of 8 seconds before most people quit, but still, the job is not done. Once the video is out, you need to know whether it worked or not and, even more importantly, what about that video worked and what didn’t. Even if the number of reproductions is the most visible statistic, it may be the least relevant, as it doesn’t tell you anything about your audience or the way they received your content. To go beyond the number of views and understand the accurate results of your video, you need analytics. Take a look at this video to see the ones you should be looking for. 

  1. Engagement with the video’s interactive hotspots 

One of the clearest signs your interactive video was effective and well-designed is how many viewers interacted with it and how many times. Knowing which hotspots exactly inspired actions will give you precious information about your target group and feedback on your content.

Was there a hotspot all viewers hit? 

Was there a hotspot no one clicked on? 

What information seemed to be most appealing to them?

Suppose your audience entirely ignored a particular hotspot. In that case, this could tell you that piece of information might work better at a different moment of the customer funnel or lead you to reconsider the way you talk to your audience. Ultimately, these questions will help you know your audience better and improve your tactics to approach them. 

  1. Watch time 

The amount of time the audience stayed watching the video is critical. As mentioned above, you have an average of 8 seconds to capture people’s attention before they start scrolling or closing the video, but if you manage to make them stay, you want to know how much longer they stayed and when they abandoned the video. Of course, the longer they stay, the better. As is the case with the hotspots, finding the cracks in your content will help you learn from your current campaign and outperform it in the future.

  1. Retention 

A retention chart of your video statistics would show you how many viewers stayed to the very end and let you know their interaction trends with the video. If 100 people watch the full video, how many of them interacted with the hotspots at the beginning, middle, and end of it? Retention charts are relevant because they let you know the viewers were not unattentive; they didn’t hit “play” and accidentally forgot to pause. Rather, it lets you know whether you managed to engage them throughout the whole video.

  1. Social media shares 

Social media is crucial to ensure your target audience can discover your video and that they can share your content with partners, friends, or any other person they know. Understanding your content’s dynamics on social media is crucial for you to perfect your strategy. Maybe your content would outperform on a different channel; perhaps it would do better if you published on other moments of the day or the week. Having centralized social media analytics will allow you to compare the channels you are using and make the best decisions in the long run. 

  1. Leads generated 

You can implement an interactive video campaign for various reasons, but lead generation will always be one of the most powerful motives to do so. In that case, monitoring the leads generated by your video is not only a nice trait of your analytics but an imperative one. At this point, you should look for the number of leads the video generated, but, most importantly, you should look for the quality of those leads. The more specific your analytics are, the better the information you have to close a sale. 

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I highly encourage you to read this article which talks about the differences between regular videos and interactive ones. 

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By: Ana Maria Enciso, May 2021
Edited by: Isabela Rosa

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