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The Real Estate sector is filled with challenges. Like every other vertical sector, realtors are constantly pushing to keep up to date with the latest market, technology, and marketing trends. 

Here is a message of hope for those struggling: interactive videos may be the tool you are looking for to boost your Real Estate sales. 

If you are a realtor or trying to sell your house, keep in mind that interactive videos are great for:

  • Showing all the perks of a property interactively.
  • Pre-qualifing your leads and building databases which will help you show the house only to the best leads. 
  • Integrating other elements of your marketing strategy. 

Stand out from the crowd 

According to the National Association of Realtors, by 2018, 44% of all home buyers went to the Internet first to find a new home. By 2020, those numbers soared to 84%, according to the NAR’s latest report.  That means posting a property online is an absolute no-brainer; what does require more thought is defining how you are going to exhibit it. For that, getting professional footage for an interactive video is the best option. 

A professional 360-interactive video will allow potential buyers to walk around the house. In this way, they will get a feeling of the spaces and understand what the house is really like. If your property fits their needs and taste, you are going to be one step closer to making a sale without the need to schedule dozens of meetings and wasting time. 

Pre-qualify  your leads and build a robust database

One of the greatest advantages interactive videos have is the possibility of having BANT forms (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) embedded in them. BANT forms will help you automatically pre-qualify the hottest leads (those you will want to make time for a physical tour) and build a database you won’t struggle to organize. 

Later, you can cultivate the contacts you gather through the BANT forms by sharing with them other available properties or by reaching out again to them if your hottest lead cools off. 

Have an integrated marketing strategy 

Whether you are a professional realtor or selling your property, integrating various marketing strategies is a clever option, and interactive videos are one of the most versatile tools around for doing that. 

Just consider the following options you could embed in a video:

  • Links to your website or social media.
  • Further information with the property’s perks (Siri or Alexa, conditioning system, in-house gym, etc.)
  • A PDF that includes an infographic on the community where the property is located.
  • Include additional interesting facts like the area’s history, the time the house was built and remodeled, etc, through PDFs or links to other videos.
  • Links to other properties on sale (and their interactive videos).
  • A BANT form, of course.

Interactive videos are extraordinarily flexible and will help you build a great marketing funnel, which in turn will attract more potential buyers. It’s time to take control of your leads, show your properties to the correct audience, amaze your clients with virtual and interactive house showings, and much more. Watch this video to understand how V2M can take your Real Estate strategy to the next level. 

By: Ana Maria Enciso, April 2021
Edited by: Isabela Rosa

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