Innovative and Interactive: The Top Virtual Events Trends for 2023

Innovative and Interactive: The Top Virtual Events Trends for 2023

Virtual events are here to stay! In 2021, the virtual events market was valued at $114 billion, and experts predict it will grow up to $366 billion in 2027 due to the impact they have proven as a powerful marketing tool.

Not only are virtual events useful for brand awareness and lead generation, but they are also a convenient and cost-effective solution for companies looking to engage with their audiences in innovative and attractive ways.   Let us look closer at how to master the virtual events strategy.

Elevate your business with these 3 types of virtual events:

  • Webinars: A direct impact on your 2023 revenue.

Reach a large and specific group of online viewers from a single location by hosting a webinar. This is the most common type of virtual event, allowing you to discuss a particular topic with multimedia content and interactivity tools such as Q&A’S, polls, chats and more. 

You’ve probably received a webinar invitation via email or social media; this is not a random decision; it has to do with the fact that webinars provide solid leads for businesses and enterprises. Plus, this virtual event is useful for participants to learn and understand more quickly.

If you’re looking for a webinar example, explore our F1: The formula to speed up your sales webinar, where we explored a budget-friendly digital gamified solution to recognize top performers and boost businesses’ performance. 

  • Virtual Sessions and Conferences: The key to connect, engage and communicate.

Whether it be brand awareness, community building or business development, virtual sessions will help you attract those needed large audiences in a multi-day or track format with pre-recorded or live presentations, all with a single goal in mind: finding networking opportunities.

To host virtual conferences, you need to invite speakers, schedule dates, set up sessions, create scripts, and study the audience, among many more marketing tasks required to succeed in the digital environment.

Over the last year, we hosted more than 10 virtual sessions focused on women’s empowerment and recognition, check out our iGrowSuccess platform to discover how a successful conference can make you build a connected community. 

  • Hybrid Events: Making Virtual, More Human.

As we embrace our reality after the 2020 pandemic, events are changing drastically and so are users’ experiences. Nowadays, some prefer to stay at home remotely, while others enjoy more in-person moments. For these cases, hybrid events can be a solution: they are a combination of live events with virtual components that allow streaming to viewers online who can watch, comment and interact.

By hosting a hybrid event, you’ll save money on travel, accommodations, and rental costs, and still be accessible to a wider range of attendees, as they can be present from anywhere in the world, making it easier to teach a global audience with cutting-edge technologies. 

We’ve mastered the formula for an immersive and interactive event experience that’ll make your business stand out from your competitors. Introducing, eBrightConnect, the platform to inspire audiences with gamified experiences and on-site memorable events. 

Now that you’ve learned about these key elements for your event strategy in 2023, we want to help you succeed with an off-the-shelf human connections approach. We are Optime Consulting, and we understand that marketing, automation, and business intelligence are essential components for driving business growth. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to these areas, using our expertise to identify market opportunities and gain insights into human behavior. 

Contact us to grab and hold attention with gamified-focused events that deliver your content with purpose and goals. 

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