The business world is continuously changing, and in the past few months, we have seen the most significant, fastest transformation in a generation. In the new version of the business world, businesses need to deliver compelling content to their employees, clients, and sales influencers. Still, their target audience is not used to taking long hours in front of their computers to attend virtual events. The key to success is understanding that.

The main reason is that when you think about events, you think about connections, experience, interactions, and ultimately recognition, awards, and fun! eBrightConnect is the innovative virtual event platform with integrated BI designed to inspire audiences, reward engagement, and gain lifelong advocates through gamified experiences. 

We are changing the way people attend virtual events. Our principle is simple: we deliver valuable content in a dynamic, competitive, and engaging gamified virtual environment. Imagine a solution that will allow participants to set their own goals and feel successful in terms of achievements, rewards, and recognitions. We understand the real value of encouraging virtual attendees to be inspired by participating, interacting, and connecting with purpose.   

As experts in Human Behavior, we use our Engagement & Recognition methodology to transform the way audiences experience and interact in a dynamic environment. Our proven method motivates attendees to become proactive influencers inspiring others to join a community that will grow as an advocate of our client’s brand and valued sponsors.

Today, audiences have shorter attention spans, are busier than ever, and demand valuable content and unique experiences. One of the best ways to ensure that your audience is engaged is by giving them a clear path to play and win challenges. It’s all about recognition and how they can measure their progress to be part of a community that competes, shares, and repeats.

How do we inspire audiences? 

We do it with interactive, gamified, and beautifully designed off-the-shelf digital events. 

eBrightConnect is innovative, revolutionary, and unique. It aims to create attractive spaces to spark curiosity. It is all about transporting our audiences to dynamic and beautiful spaces filled with purpose and interactions. From magnificent 3D convention centers, hotel lobbies, and expo areas to the Connect & Recharge collaboration zones, all the spaces include the bells and whistles that inspire organic and shareable actions. 

Let us share how we grab and hold attention with gamified-focused experiences that deliver your content with purpose and goals in four phases.

We create the most engaging human-centric experiences. 
Our event experts will review your original KPIs, audience, agenda, and content to define your new virtual structure without compromising the essence of your main message and goal. Our communications team will launch an integrated multi-channel communication strategy that will motivate your audience to participate, share, and repeat. Our technical, gamification and creative teams will make the virtual event experience successful for your audience.
We will help you follow all the steps necessary to amplify success for your virtual production blueprint. Check out our @ a Glance Event Blueprint.
We motivate engagement when the time is right.
Our technical, marketing and communications teams will be in charge of launching a gamified and dynamic virtual event while tracking real-time audience engagement and satisfaction levels. We will launch real-time promotions strategically timed and based on live attendee behavior. You will be able to increase attendees’ traffic flow to expositions,  session participation, and form interactions –among many other features. Check out our Heat Map Event Views.
We analyze real-time behaviors and recognize and reward progress.
It is all about knowing human behavior experiences and how real-time data can offer insightful knowledge of audience trends, behaviors, and engagement levels. By knowing what you inherently don’t know, we proactively track and execute live actions to increase the event’s overall success. Imagine the power of having executive dashboards with visible BI. Check out our KPI Executive Dashboards.
We support your continued success with best practices.
Our event team will prepare a Debrief Meeting using marketing data and KPIs for insight. The goal is to learn and analyze human behavior while defining new areas to track for future productions. A formal analysis of presenters, sessions, engagement, and interactions is presented to use for future Best Practices and insights for continuous improvements of digital event strategies.

Are you keeping your audience connected and engaged?

We can help you say yes! Stand-out from the Ordinary. Engage your audiences with dynamic and interactive gamified tactics embedded in your event flow. If it isn’t going both ways, it is not engagement!

Try the new  and start changing how you inspire your audiences to connect, share, and repeat.

Maria Merce Martin  – September 2020

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