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2020 was a hard year for most, it brought upon some really bad days, even months, but it definitely showed us how to unite, reinvent and adapt. 

This past year brought a series of uncertainties and, at the same time, opportunities that, while not always easy to embrace, added tremendous value to the creativity of every companies sales and marketing team.

While now more than ever, keeping a job is important, feeling loved, nurtured, and valued in the place where you spend 80% of your time has become the number one priority for choosing where to work. Human value has become increasingly important, along with creativity and love for the brand you work for. 

It is because of this that loyalty programs are more important than ever before. 

If you can recall our previous blog post, “WHY DO YOU NEED LOYALTY PROGRAMS,” we talked about their benefits, why it adds value to your employees, and how it benefits the company. We also posted “EFFICIENT LOYALTY PROGRAMS,” in which we described the best loyalty programs’ characteristics. I highly encourage you to read these two articles to understand why Loyalty Programs are a game-changer for your company.

Much is said about the fact that your employees and resellers are the reflections of your company. This is so because they are the ones who face the customer, sell your brand and put their spark every day to make your vision theirs. So the real question is: how do I adapt my company’s vision to a world that does not see me for my long career but for how well I support my employees? How do I create the spark that will make this year the most productive of all for my organization? 

Simple: start by rewarding your employees’ productivity. This year, the vast majority began to be interested in having tools at hand that would help them meet their goals more efficiently. 

So, the mentality to try to embrace new strategies is more present than ever. Many companies are still hurting economically because of the 2020’s hard blows. It is vital that now, more than ever, companies learn to implement tools such as a loyalty program in their work strategy. 

People need motivation, help, and above all, appreciation, key points that a good loyalty program can offer. Imagine. If your people are ready for change, have fresh ideas, and want to move forward, it is an excellent time to provide them with a tool that helps them channel their efforts in a modern, fast, and motivating way.

At Optime, we have undertaken the task of creating platforms that help companies connect better with their sales force and/or reseller companies, rewarding their efforts and helping, in turn, to maintain order and efficiency when giving results.

Watch this video to understand why Optime consulting’s loyalty programs are a leading example of efficiency, value, and determination.

If this 2020 was not exactly the best of years, it is time to regain strength, renew and innovate.

Ask about our loyalty programs, and generate the strategy that will make 2021 the best year ever.

By: Hellem Ortiz, February 2021.
Edited by: Ana Maria Enciso & Isabela Rosa

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