eBrightConnect Press Release

eBrightConnect Press Release

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Optime Consulting launches a beautifully designed off-the-shelf gamified digital event platform

Optime Consulting announces the launch of its new product eBrightConnect(™)

Weston, Florida (2020) eBrightConnect is an innovative virtual event platform with integrated BI designed to inspire audiences, reward engagement, and gain lifelong advocates through gamified experiences. 

Due to COVID-19 and the need to reinvent events, Optime Consulting has created a product to change the way people attend digital experiences: eBrightConnect, which will be live on September 1st, 2020.

eBrightConnect’s principle is to motivate traditional onsite event audiences with human-centered strategies and gamified tools that keep them excited to be connected and engaged. 

This product uses architecture to create 3D virtual models to duplicate what physical events would have looked like, complete with full visibility of insightful real-time data using heatmaps, engagement KPI dashboards, and more.

Maria Merce Martin, CEO of Optime consulting stated,


People do business with people they like and trust.

Our commitment to eBrightConnect and our professional services is to empower your traditional onsite event audience with gamified tools and attractive spaces that will keep them curious, connected, and engaged.

We understand the real value that comes with relevant content and experiences, which is why our experts will configure your gamified digital event while analyzing engagement levels and interactions. Real-time promotions will be launched to boost participation, traffic, and lead generation for you and your sponsors.

Our Powerfulfillment team will work diligently with our strategic alliances such as FedEx, DHL, Visa, and Amazon to deliver your digital or tangible rewards anywhere in America.

Optime provides the automated platform and end-to-end services, as well as conception, design, production, management, promotions, reward fulfillment, and best practices debrief. 

Try the new eBrightConnect platform and start changing the way you inspire your audiences to connect, share, and return.”

The product is also set to be used even after the pandemic, as it will provide endless possibilities for virtual and hybrid events. 

For more information, please visit ebrightconnect.com

About Optime Consulting

Optime Consulting is a marketing and sales consulting group that brings companies closer to the individuals behind their sales. With more than 130 employees, Optime develops and manages B2B loyalty programs, employee engagement programs, interactive video platforms, digital event platforms through strategic consulting services, and business intelligence. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Weston, FL, Optime has branch offices strategically located in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. Learn more at http://optimeconsulting.com


By: Isabela Rosa
Statement from: CEO, Maria Martin

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