During the last three months, digital events grew like never before, and our Fortune 500 clients were no exception to that tendency. Hence, we asked them what their needs and expectations were after their experience using conventional event digital platforms. Here is what we learned from them, their challenges, and requirements.

  1. Deliver crucial content with more dynamic strategies
  2. Provide speakers with audience engagement level visibility
  3. Reach higher audience retention rates
  4. Generate more traffic, interest, and participation  
  5. Offer more measurable value to sponsors
  6. Provide strategies to motivate people to have fun and come back
  7. Produce lead generation real-time data
  8. Produce more dynamic videos to increase interactions
  9. Generate real-time promotions to keep audiences active and engaged
  10. Full visibility of what is happening with the audience (Data Analytics)

Challenge #1: The audience 

We know businesses need to deliver outstanding content to their clients and sales influencers. However, no one is used to spending hours, or days, in front of a computer screen for a corporate event, mainly because when they think about events, they think about connections, experiences, and fun!

SOLUTION: Boost retention with event challenges that inspire actions

We motivate your traditional onsite event audience with gamified tools that keep them excited to be connected and engaged. Our experts analyze your content, structure, and sessions to design the most exciting and engaging virtual event experience.

Challenge #2: The presenters

Motivate your presenters and speakers to prepare dynamic sessions with relevant content for the target audience that gives them a reason to attend and stay the entire time.

SOLUTION: Spark competition and encourage your presenter to focus on retention and audience advocacy

We work with your speakers and presenters to smart scale their content while designing gamified interactive experiences for their intervention. We give presenters the power of behavioral data by knowing “engagement levels” of the audience in real-time. Presenters can change the dynamics of their performances to increase interest and decrease attrition rates during their live presentations.

Challenge #3: The sponsors

Your sponsorship must offer differentiated value to attract higher levels of investment. Nowadays, if you are unable to increase traffic to a specific booth and support lead generation, you won’t be considered.

SOLUTION: Encourage your sponsors to stand out in the sea of sameness with interactive video booths

We have the power to integrate BI into every aspect of the platform. We also have Heat Maps to track traffic flow by session, time, and area of interest. Specific promotions can be launched to increase participation, traffic, and interest in specific spaces such as expos, booths, and theaters.

eBrightConnect converts events into game-changing digital experiences. It aims to inspire audiences with interactive, gamified, and beautifully designed off-the-shelf digital events. 

Think outside the box, try the new eBrightconnect, and start changing the way you inspire your audiences to connect, share, and return.

By: Maria Merce Martin  – September 2020

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