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The Real Estate industry has seen several plot twists over the past decades. From the Great Recession between 2007 and 2009 to the Real Estate boom we see now. As The Atlantic puts it, America’s housing market has never been weirder. 

Despite the brutal blow COVID–19 gave to the world’s economy, right now, Real Estate sales are soaring; why and how can you take profit from such a unique moment? 

According Derek Thompson, from the The Atlantic, the main reasons for such an unusual market behavior are: 

  1. The last Real Estate crash slowed down the building pace in the U.S.A & short supply pushes up prices. 
  2. Mortgage interest rates are a historic low, which encouraged many to seize the opportunity to try and get a cheap mortgage. 
  3. As more Millennials enter their 30’s, a wave of new young families are looking for permanent housing.  
  4. COVID has exacerbated America’s K-Shaped economy, where hourly workers have gotten the worst part of the crisis, while knowledge workers have been able to thrive and grow by working from home. This point, working from home, has pushed many to compete for the same kind of houses: bigger, with ample outdoor space, and extra rooms to turn into work-from-home offices. 

In such a competitive market, what can you do to stand out? Like always, creativity makes the difference. 

It’s a fact that realtors were present online before the pandemic, but it became more urgent than ever since its beginning. Now, realtors must look for new trends or ways to reach the public because the inclination of “where to start” in the Real Estate industry has changed. Nowadays, according to the research made by The National Association of Realtors, more than 90% of buyers start hunting online for properties, which leads to the fact that realtors need to have a greater online presence than they used to have. 

The competition has always been fierce and differentiation is key. Compelling content is the most accurate way to generate leads. The newest solution is Video2Market, an experience where everyone can tour a property inside and outside with an interactive video and the confidence that everything you are visualizing reflects the reality that you will find in your new home.

Video2Market is the Business Intelligence (BI) technology layer that boosts your videos to make them interactive for your audience while providing valuable real-time data and lead pre-qualification. 

Realtors who respond to this Real Estate boom by integrating BI into their video marketing campaigns will benefit from a faster data recollection and the possibility of pre-qualifying the hottest leads for an in-person home tour. 

On the buyers side, clients will benefit from Video2Market’s interactive videos by going around the house and exploring all its spaces and additional perks (such as the technology embedded or the neighborhood characteristics). In this way, home-buyers will have the opportunity of finding the right house in the blink of an eye. 

Now that you know about Video2Market, are you ready to try it out for yourself? It’s time to reinvent and beat the market. Generate accurate leads, ensure your clients get a full feel of what the property is like, provide information on the surroundings of the property, and so much more. 

Watch this video and see how the magic comes together to make the best showing happen. 

By: Sara Luna, March 2021
Edited by: Ana Maria Enciso & Isabela Rosa  

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