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There shouldn’t be just one day for us to reflect on how blessed we are. I have always wondered why we designated one day in the year to celebrate, but then I remember the humankind “is always busy.” We are so busy we forget to breathe and acknowledge everything we have accomplished in life. We tend to focus on the buts and ifs so much that it’s easy to forget the good. So I ask that while you are reading this article, you block out everything for a couple of minutes and just focus on the good. 

Thanksgiving is supposed to be about reflecting on what we have in our lives, the things we have accomplished throughout the year, the friendships we have made, and our family members, among others. It’s also about sharing with those who are less fortunate than us to ensure as many people as possible have a warm meal for at least one day. It’s about remembering the people who are no longer with us but, at one point, were part of our Thanksgiving table. It’s about realizing how lucky we are just to be alive, to have at least one person by our side to remind us we are never alone. It’s not just another day; it’s the one day we should focus on finding the bright side of life. 

We, humans, tend always to want more: more people next to us, a bigger party, another meal item, etc. If today you are sitting down at a table with a warm meal and at least one person besides you, just know you are lucky.

Fun Activity

Grab a piece of paper and something to write with, now write down five things you are thankful for. These five things do not have to be elaborated. Hint: the whole point of this article is to realize that just being alive is something to be grateful for. Now, bring this paper with you and share it at your table tonight. 

This is a beautiful way to bond with your family and friends. I would also like to encourage you to do this at the table during dinner instead of before. This way, everyone can reflect on their lives and the good surrounding them while sharing it with the people around them. 

Thanksgiving Food Recipes

The classic Thanksgiving meal consists of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetables, potatoes, and pumpkin pie. However, feel free to make your own tradition, incorporate your favorite foods. In the end, today is about reflecting on all the good that we have in our lives; you might as well enjoy your favorite dish!

Places to donate food

Many places accept donations to ensure as many Thanksgiving dinners as possible are prepared and gifted to those who can’t afford one. Here is a list of some in South Florida (our headquarters is located in Weston, but you can search up “Places to donate thanksgiving dinners near me” to find a location close to you). 

In conclusion, acknowledge what you have accomplished, cherish those who are next to you, relive the memories of those who are no longer with you, grab the buts and ifs and turn them into “cans,” continue to live the tradition, but most importantly, remember to be thankful for what you have. I encourage you to go out and donate a meal for someone in need, to try the activity to bond with those around your table, and to always remember that no matter what happens, there is always someone who cares about you. 

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By: Isabela Rosa- November2020

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