Imagine this: your CMO is asking you to bring in an effective marketing solution on how to promote a new product for the next quarter. But you have already invested the last six months saturating your social media channels and burning out all email databases with cheesy subject lines and outdated content. 

Time is thicker than water

Time is ticking, the meeting starts in 30 mins,  and you have no idea what to present: whether the same plan as last month or your resignation letter. The pressure is ON, and awkwardly your palm starts to sweat; the anxiety is building up, typical for new players and rookies. 10 mins left before entering the warm conference room with the smell of molding faux leather chairs and slowly falling ceiling dust, you are still looking for an option, as you feel each minute passing by, like a hammer on your head. 

Uncalled prayer

Suddenly, the marketing gods send an angel your way: your 11 starts to ring. Peter!? A previous colleague that is now a marketing guru calls you to pitch a new on-demand solution. As you listen in, thinking how to hang up politely, Peter’s almost last words were, “imagine you have the power to track sales and your audience in real-time with interactive videos.” Ok, that’s about 17 words, but you get it; we can’t be rude, remember.

The hero in action

Miraculously, Peter was able to grasp your attention and provide the solution you needed.  Your heart rate goes down as your confidence level reaches new heights! As you perform final second mirror hair touches and chapstick lip ritual, you’re now daydreaming, thinking that maybe the weird moldy faux leather smell wasn’t that bad after all. You are now ready, feeling like a champ. The CMO enters the room: it’s showtime. 

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By: Jesel Silva – September 2020

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