Employee retention is one of the most crucial aspects to focus on in your organization. Keeping your employees happy, satisfied, and productive takes a lot of work, especially for higher-level employees. Having a positive work environment and developing an optimistic company culture will ensure that your employees stay and genuinely enjoy their job. 

There are several key factors that companies need to consider when working on employee retention. According to Forbes, there are four key factors to retain your talent: listening to your employees, taking a phased approach, addressing employees well-being, and leveraging continuous listening to iterate and evolve.

Let’s take a look at these four factors and expand a little bit more on each: 

Listening to your employees:

This will allow you to get an overview of how your employees are feeling and help you understand what’s working and what’s not.

Taking a phased approach:

It’s crucial that your employees don’t feel overwhelmed when implementing new strategies. This is why you need to go step-by-step into new transitions and ease employees into the new normal. 

Addressing employees’ well-being:

Companies should focus on keeping employees happy and productive. Launching campaigns, support groups, and inclusive initiatives allows your employees to feel safe and comfortable through any transitions. 

Leveraging continuous listening to iterate and evolve:

It is important to keep listening to employees and see how things develop as time goes on. Make them feel comfortable with any changes and make your company a safe space for them.

As we know, listening to your employees and making sure they feel satisfied and motivated is an excellent way to increase retention rates. However, something else you need to know as an upper–level manager is how to implement new incentives. A program that involves healthy competition while entertaining employees is eRecognize.me, the innovative, competitive, and sophisticated cloud-based platform designed to bring engagement and efficiency to the top. With eRecognize.me, you will give your employees the opportunity to win prizes and, at the same time, increase your overall sales. 

By focusing on your employees’ well–being, you will have the power to energize your team members and boost group efforts with human–centric-strategies that will give them a sense of purpose and of being part of something larger than themselves. eRecognize.me concentrates purely on helping your employees to be effective and successful. This platform was designed to become the “ENGAGEMENT LAYER” of your business, allowing your employees to work with contentment, eagerness, and energy.

eRecognize.me gives you full visibility within four areas of focus:

  1. Intuitive gamified user experience with easy and quick access to crucial objectives, timeframes, and importance. Employees get a clear understanding of what to accomplish with priorities to accelerate success. 
  2. Proactive triggers and notifications with individual and team overall progress are used to motivate upcoming actions. Managers and employees can interact and communicate to improve involvement and best-practice opportunities. 
  3. Leaderboards and full coverage of improvements are shown to motivate healthy and friendly competition while recognizing achievements and rewarding performance. 
  4. Business intelligence is represented with smart reports, behavioral analytics, and dashboards to influence performance, improve decision–making, and identify new areas in order to increase engagement. 

Companies with a focus on employee recognition outperform the competition.

My question is:  are you investing where it matters most? 

To bring engagement scores up, have complete visibility of your company’s purpose, and boost progress and team recognition, visit Optime Consulting.

We are ready to empower your success!

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