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Did you know the consulting industry is one of many industries that are now hiring more than ever before? 

For the past year, companies have been making some pretty big changes in their businesses as covid-19 brought a change to our entire society. It’s because of this that departments are looking to rebrand and adapt to expertise in a specific area. Just imaging an example, redesigning a company and or strategy because of a health disaster is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea (therefore, hire the consultants!).

Although covid-19 has played a big role, even before the health crisis, consulting was a big industry. People hire consultants to gain external perspective, for industry knowledge, to support staff bandwidth, to create change, to bring objectivity to the table, to provide validation, to teach best practices, and most importantly to save time.

Now you might be wondering, what are the benefits of working in a consulting firm? 

  • Skipping the C-Suite ladder climb: Consulting firms tend to work with decision-makers from other companies. This means that you can skip climbing the ladder to reach those high executive connections. 
  • Trying it all: Consulting means having many projects at once, this is a great skill to master as you will never be bored in consulting. 
  • Networking: Working with multiple clients and stakeholders allows you to build relationships in different organizations. Also, the amount of third-party connections you will make is incredible.
  • Become an expert: to work in consulting, you need to be fast and attentive. With this being said, training and constant learning are a huge part of working in the consulting industry. This allows you to always be on top of the game. 
  • Growth opportunities: Being able to work with different departments allows you to internally move up and take control of certain projects. This allows you to learn from your supervisors while also being part of the decisions and project overall. 

Consulting so far sounds pretty awesome, am I right? Well now let’s talk about Optime Consulting and why you want to join our team.

 Reasons to Join Optime

  • Family Friendly: We are a family business, we know the value of family.
  • Career Advancement: When a positithis new society. This is where consulting comes in, remember people hire consultants to bring theiron opens up, we always think of internal candidates first before offering our positions to the public. 
  • Social Responsibility: We are proud Gold Sponsors of the American Cancer Society as well as supporters of UCO (United Community Options). 
  • Fortune 500 Clients: We are proud to work with Fortune 500 clients, take a look at our portfolio here.

Optime Benefits

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance
  • Paid Vacation, holidays, maternity leave, and personal/sick days
  • Training 
  • 401k retirement savings plan
  • Fitness center & LA Fitness membership discount
  • Discount program 
  • Employee assistance program
  • Opportunities for advancement and development

Now that you know Optime’s perks, I’m not sure you need any more convincing to know that both Optime and Consulting are worth it. 

There are so many job opportunities now that things are getting back to normality after COVID-19, it’s time to get back in the game. 

Current Available Positions

Weston, Fl USA

  1. Events Manager
  2. Business Development Consultant (Sales) 

Bogota, Colombia

  1. Project Coordinator

Check out these job openings and feel free to email hr@optimeconsulting.com with any questions.

By: Isabela Rosa, June 2021

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