Shifting into Social Selling | Part 3 – The How of Social Selling on LinkedIn

In the first two parts of our Shifting into Social Selling series, we explained the reasons behind social selling and why it is important for sale reps to engage in social selling. In this final part of the series, we’ll guide you step by step on how to use LinkedIn precisely for social selling.

“It all starts with listening. If you don’t find those opportunities, being able to execute on those opportunities is irrelevant.”

— Jay Baer, Marketing Speaker, author of Youtility

A recent Forbes’ article outlined LinkedIn’s study on social selling in respect to sale reps and found that “77% of top salespeople rely on sales intelligence tools, the highest performance salespeople are 24% more likely to attribute their success to sales technology and salespeople who rely on social selling platforms are 51% more likely to hit their quotas.” This data does an excellent job at highlighting the importance of social selling.

Since LinkedIn is one of the main social selling tools used by sale reps, we have gathered some tips and LinkedIn’s post to help you become an expert on using your LinkedIn specifically for social selling.  

  • Create an effective profile
  • Follow this checklist to help guide you:
  • Make connections with people that matter
    • Find and invite new people to connect with to optimize your reach
    • Build relationships with your top-tier prospects to establish presence and trust
    • Follow-up with the new connection via an in-person meeting, if possible, or through the phone
  • Make connections through mutual connections
    • Prospects that you want to connect with are more likely to engage with you if it’s coming from a mutual connection
  • View the Profile of your Possible Prospects
    • The “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” option on LinkedIn fosters your prospect’s curiosity and might lead them to view your profile
    • It’s a way to hook in your prospect because it provides a personal view into your profile and what you look like than having a stranger call them on the phone to pitch a sale
  • Take Advantage of the In-Mail Feature
    • When you reach out to a potential new connection through In-Mail include personal insights that are specific to that individual
    • This makes the connection personal
    • Send a follow-up In-Mail in 1-2 weeks to increase your chances of getting a response
  • Monitor your Feed and Keep Track of Updates
    • Once you have established that connection, keep track of their activity on your newsfeed to see what interests them or if they need something.
    • Check if they have moved companies, gotten into a new hobby, or is posting about something that you have a personal interest in and comment on their status.
    • Use LinkedIn Updates to share all your posts on other social media sites and to follow your top leads
    • Use LinkedIn contacts to keep all your prospects organize
  • Engage in LinkedIn Groups
    • Reach out to group members, become part of groups, follow discussions and engage in order to build your brand and possibly increase your chances of finding new leads
  • Get in there and Participate
    • Participate in discussions, comment on people’s statuses, share your connections posts, publish content, these are all ways to help build your credibility and to keep you in the prospect’s mind

“By taking an interest in others, it opens the door for others to take an interest in you”

Social Selling is disrupting the industry and it will continue to do so in the coming years. Are you going to miss out on this opportunity or are you going to take advantage of all the information we compiled in Shifting into Social Selling to stay ahead? The decision is up to you.

Do you have any other tactics that have worked for you? We would love to hear them, let us know in the comments below.

If you would like to read the entire series, you can access the first two posts here Part One, Tips and Advice and Part Two, The WHY of Social Selling.

About this Series:

Shifting into Social Selling is a three part series that focuses exclusively on the evolution of sale representatives and their shift into the new ways of social selling.

In this series, we will breakdown the social tactics ruling today’s modern era of sales and lay out the essentials of social selling. As consultants to many of the leading Fortune 500 companies in tech, we have identified the different elements that help our clients’ sales force close more deals.

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