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Shifting into Social Selling | Part 1

Shifting into Social Selling is a three part series that focuses exclusively on the evolution of sale representatives and their shift into the new ways of social selling.

In this series, we will break down the social tactics ruling today’s modern era of sales and lay out the essentials of social selling. As consultants to many of the leading Fortune 500 companies in tech, we have identified the different elements that help our clients’ sales force close more deals.

Have you ever been approached by someone who is trying to sell you a product at the mall? Most of the time you walk right past them and look away. But there are certain sales reps who grab your attention and you end up stopping to listen to what they have to share. What makes these sales reps different? What is it about their technique that makes you stop? What is it about that sales rep that makes you buy the product? 

Here are 9 ways to become an advisor to your prospects, gain their trust, and ultimately become the best salesperson you know.

  1. Listen, Listen, Listen

    • No one wants to feel like they are sitting through a 3-hour seminar while they hear your pitch. Instead, sit back and listen to the needs and challenges of your prospect. You can assess your strategy to the specific concerns your prospect expressed in order to successfully pitch your product to them.
    • Depending on the prospect and the product you are selling, you can take a consultative sales approach. Consultative sales is a type of method where the sales rep devotes time with the prospect to comprehend the prospect’s problem and offers a solution exclusively to solve that problem. This level of customization to your conversation builds trust and fosters an open environment free of pressure. In this conversation based environment, crucial information surfaces and you can see new perspectives, making the prospect feel heard.
  2. Sit in the front row and ask questions

    • Don’t zone out. Be engaged with what your prospect is saying. Ask them questions in order to build a better background. Replace your need for being heard for curiosity. Be curious and ask questions to the person you are pitching to.
  3. An old dog can learn new tricks

    • It doesn’t matter if you are new to this position or have 20 years under your belt, you can always push yourself to get better. Learn new skills, take trainings, read about industry trends; you ultimately want to be a sponge, absorb all the knowledge you can so you can be better informed and manage situations with skill.
  4. Change is the only constant

    • With new apps appearing every day, startups disrupting the markets, and new developments in the ways of doing business, sale representatives have to be able to embrace change and evolve. You can embrace this by creating a plan to help you handle these changes and taking the steps necessary to cultivate a growth mindset.
  5. Don’t be a sitting duck

    • Be proactive; take charge of your day and responsibilities. Develop strategies to help you plan out your sales and the goals that you want to achieve. Create a timeline of your goals and make sure to include deadlines, this will help you determine priorities and keep you organized.
  6. You don’t have to be a Yogi to find balance

    • In order to improve your sales abilities every day and increase your sales, you have to have your priorities straight. Give importance to your health, invest in things that make you happy, and live out your values. Your goals and personal life have to be aligned in order to find the balance and harmony that will allow your abilities to shine naturally. How will you expect to convince someone to buy something if you aren’t rested, motivated, and genuine ?
  7. Keep your heels high and your standards higher

    • Don’t settle for less. Set high goals that are achievable, challenging, and keep you engaged. Don’t lower your standards to make your work less complicated, on the contrary, push yourself out of your comfort zone and go for those energizing deals.
  1. Build strong relationships

    • According to the Canadian Professional Sales Association, “Empathy is the ability to identify with customers, to feel what they are feeling and make prospects feel respected.” With this in mind, show interest and engage in a casual conversation with your prospect. Be prepared when you are going to speak to your prospects and most importantly have respect towards them. It doesn’t matter if you are talking to a child or a C-Suite exec, showing empathy will help build a strong relationship with your prospect and most importantly build trust.
  2. Got an ego? Leave it at the door

    • There are certain traits that will immensely help sale representatives achieve success, being egotistical is not one of them. Instead, having confidence in yourself, determination to achieve all your goals, a positive attitude, and self-motivation will get you farther than your ego ever will.Now that we’ve covered the basic foundation for what successful sales reps do, it’s time to apply these tips and advice to social selling.

Read part #2 (coming soon) of our Shifting into Social Selling series to understand the importance of social selling for sale reps. Remember, actions speak louder than words; it is your turn to put all these tips in use.


Nancy Profitt: http://proffittmanagement.com/
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