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3 Tactics to Smarter Selling

With so much technology at our fingertips, it has become increasingly simple to track, measure, and integrate analytics into lead campaigns. How can we make sense of so much information at once and have the ability take proactive actions to reach goals?

Extract value from big data

By narrowing down your KPIs, you can boost your visibility and amplify your capacity to analyze critical insights. With this focused vision, you can create new strategies and course correct to reach the results you aim to achieve.

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Here are the top 3 tactics to implement for smarter selling.

Set your Goals

Establish clear goals from the very beginning. Where do you want your efforts to take you? Set metrics, benchmarks, and KPIs for your campaigns to reach their fullest potential. Focus on the few vital metrics and the highest impact strategies that will get you to your desired end result.

Pre Qualify Leads

Ask yourself “What characteristics and behaviors qualify my leads as ready to buy buy my product/solutions?” Have they engaged with certain pieces of content? Have they shown interest through comments on social?

Take Action

Empower your sales force with insights so they can have a new analytical perspective on the situation. In this way, sales reps are equipped with competitive intelligence and can take proactive steps towards closing deals.


What metric have you found most accurately gauges the interest level of prospects? Let us know in the comments below!

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