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The Importance of Having A Social Media Presence

Social media has been around since 1997; however, it has been less than a decade since it became a powerful tool of communication. Social media has given end consumers the power to reach companies easily and vice versa. With its growth in popularity added to the increasing numbers of active users across several platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), marketers have an additional channel of communication to establish their presence and reach their target market. The catch is whether they use it correctly, or if they use it at all.

What You Need To Know About Social Media

According to Statista, Facebook was the first social media platform to pass a billion users. Facebook currently has 1.71 billion active users, followed by Instagram with 500 million active users, and Twitter with 313 million active users (as of September 2016). What this means is that if your business is currently not active in social media, by now you have lost over 2 billion possibilities to make new connections.

These different platforms have been developed over time to be business-friendly. Facebook was one of the pioneering social networks, offering free businesses statistics that measure hits, page views, bounce rate, click paths, and conversion rates. Twitter and Instagram soon followed and now all of these different social networks allow businesses to personalize a marketing strategy making it easier to focus their ads on users who are most likely to engage with your business.

Benefits of Social Media

Unlike a traditional marketing strategy, a social media strategy is rather inexpensive in comparison. TV ads can be easily skipped as viewers are now able to fast forward or watch shows on demand, radio ads have low retention rate due to lack of visibility, and billboards are easy to miss. Not only are these traditional ways of advertising proving to be less effective, but they require a big budget to successfully reach the desired audience. However, through social media, businesses have the ability to advertise their services for as little as $5 and create a strong presence on social media.

In Optime, we use our presence in social media to do various things. To keep up with the technology arena, we encourage watching and sharing TEDTalks, reading about current events on the business world, and directly engage with other business groups all through our Twitter page. Instagram, for example, has further allowed us to share our every day events throughout the holiday season, celebrate employee birthdays, and even proudly document our social responsibility initiatives. Our presence on social media allows us to create new connections and demonstrate what Optime is all about.

The beauty of social media is that anyone can take part in it. It doesn’t matter if you are the business owner, the marketing strategist or the new intern.  The key is to understand that social media is in constant evolution and one must keep up with the changes. Since social media has evolved the way businesses advertise online, more often than not business have seen greater success and engagement after creating a social media profile.